love drug

When they say heart break only makes you stronger, that is just hokum as I found out the hard way. The reality is that it makes you come to terms with the loser that you already are and not a better person. When someone you always thought will always be there for you walks out on you, how can you move on? They were your hope, your worldly purpose and everything else that kept you sane. Please tell me, where are you supposed to move on to exactly?
This gets one thinking Love is just another marketing gimmick  just like Christmas intended to capitalize on frail hearts. When you realize how crazy you get, spinning out of control, falling heads over feet all the while craving more and more of it, like a hopeless junky to his stash of weed, hooked for life. Withdrawal from it shatters your senses reminiscing on when you were love drunk as you wallow in a nerve wrecking hangover that lasts forever.
I guess I am done with this love business, because it is not meant for me and neither is it written in stone. Everybody expects you to love and be loved but what if you are not that kind of person, is it a prerequisite? I beg to differ; love is not a daily dose for curing loneliness but a fatal remedy for concocting psychological disaster. I guess it is about time I officially went on emotional lockdown like George Clooney and stop chasing after emotional torture.